Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 of 2013 - Albums: #8 Joey Bada$$: Summer Knights

8. Joey Bada$$, Summer Knights
Highlight Track: "My Yout (feat. Maverick Sabre)"

I'm a sucker for anything that sounds like the hip-hop of my youth. Maybe its nostalgic wishing for a time when I felt cool, but this is my top 10 list so I'll fill it how I please. However, I'm always blown away at how youthful artists are continually capturing great sounds from multiple genres and tweaking them into something new, something their own. XXL's Eric Diep describes a few of Joey Bada$$'s tracks that do this in Summer Knights.
"...there are remnants of ‘90s chill-vibe. The Navie D.-produced “Sweet Dreams” and the Chuck Strangers-produced tracks—“Reign” and “My Yout”—are perfect examples containing strong reggae influences. The tape’s standout is the Lee Bannon-produced “95 Til’ Infinity,” where Joey flows with this hard, DMX-like flow over a soulful sample where he lets you know why he thinks he’s the best. “Cause they will never stop for a young Black male/ Black mailed in braille that means what he felt,” he raps with bravado." - Eric Diep

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