Tuesday, September 29, 2015

They Don't Come Any Tougher

I was in the 7th grade when my mom first fought breast cancer. Tomorrow, after 20 years of only seeing cancer in a rear-view mirror, my mother will undergo a mastectomy as the cancer has returned.

Today she told told me, "I was first upset 'n then just decided I just HAD to quit feeling sorry for myself. Yes I am crying but it can BE WORSE!"

They truly don't get any tougher than the woman who raised me to be a man (and yes, just like my mother, I am crying too).
My tougher-than-nails mother, Bonnie, takes a couple of grandchildren for a ride with her team.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

History of the Comics Code: Werewolves, Dirty Cops, and Moral Corruption

During the red scare a censorship board for comics was created to make sure comics were "safe" for kids. The panel will discuss how the code was created, applied and ultimately disregarded.

Buy it here: http://amzn.to/1R8vBJb

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 - Part 1

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 has been a blast so far. While I will be posting (not the best quality) videos of the panels I was featured on, right now I'll just leave a few photos from Thursday and Friday.
Silk - Spider Gwen - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
Jay, (Trent) and Silent Bob
Squirrel Girl!
Street Fighters
The Power Puff Girls' Villains
Captain Cold
The Aquabats
Miah and Me with Ron Simmons - DAMN!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Difficult People Gets Podcasters Perfectly

The latest episode of Difficult People (PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP) takes on the oh-so backwards world of podcasting and the even more backwards podcasters themselves.

As a podcaster myself, I just laughed and nodded my head. Collectively (much like wrestling and comic book fans) we are the worst.

"So what are we going to wear to that podcast bar?" "Oh Julie, we could wear an adult diaper and a Kevin Smith hockey jersey and still be the coolest ones there."

"Julie, put down your phone at look at these mutant podcasters."

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Must-See's of the 2015 Logan Film Festival

The 4th Annual Logan Film Festival is this weekend (Sept 11-12). Below are the films that I deem as "must-see" films.

White Waves
Friday, September 11, 7:00 pm
Lyric Theatre, 28 West Center Street

Our 1/4 Life Crisis
Friday, September 11, 10:30 pm
Dansante Theatre, 58 South 100 West

Saturday, September 12, 11:00 am
Dansante Theatre, 58 South 100 West

A Teenage Drama
Saturday, September 12, 2:30 pm
Dansante Theatre, 58 South 100 West

Prophet's Prey
Saturday, September 12, 4:00 pm
Lyric Theatre, 28 West Center Street

The Red Thunder
Saturday, September 12, 5:00 PM
Dansante Theatre, 58 South 100 West

In Football We Trust
Saturday, September 12, 7:00 pm
Lyric Theatre, 28 West Center Street

Friday, September 4, 2015

ADHD - Silly Rabbit, Adderall is (NOT) Just for Kids

57.7 million people over the age of 18 in America are living with mental illness. That's just over a quarter of the US population. Many of us have gone (or do go) un-diagnosed for much of our adult life.

I've sought medical treatment for my mental illness and have seen marked improvements through a combination of medications. Sadly, many medications, especially those that treat mental illness, require check-ups with a doctor for prescription refills. I currently can't afford the $200 visit to a doctor just to get an $80 prescription refilled.

Going without my medication has made my normal everyday tasks much more challenging. In searching for help online, I came across the National Institute for Mental Health's (NIMH) website. This site has a ton of really good information; information that is helpful for both people living with mental illness and for those who care about people who are living with mental illness.

On the NIMH website, I found a great section on living withe ADHD. The below list has a few suggestions for people living with the illness (though parts are geared more towards children, I can see the benefits for myself as an adult of following them). The last two paragraphs describe my struggle with the illness -- especially before it was diagnosed -- exactly.
  • Schedule. 
    • Keep the same routine every day, from wake-up time to bedtime. Include time for homework, outdoor play, and indoor activities. Keep the schedule on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board in the kitchen. Write changes on the schedule as far in advance as possible.
  •  Organize everyday items. 
    • Have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. This includes clothing, backpacks, and toys. 
  •  Use homework and notebook organizers. 
    • Use organizers for school material and supplies. Stress to your child the importance of writing down assignments and bringing home the necessary books. 
  •  Be clear and consistent. 
    • Children with ADHD need consistent rules they can understand and follow. 
  • Give praise or rewards when rules are followed. 
    • Children with ADHD often receive and expect criticism. Look for good behavior, and praise it. 
Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults. And many adults who have the disorder don't know it. They may feel that it is impossible to get organized, stick to a job, or remember and keep appointments. Daily tasks such as getting up in the morning, preparing to leave the house for work, arriving at work on time, and being productive on the job can be especially challenging for adults with ADHD. 
These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, or difficult or failed relationships. Many have had multiple traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to do several things at once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer "quick fixes," rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards.
At any rate, I hope this might be helpful for anyone who is struggling with ADHD. I'd love to hear about other's stories both as adults and children. The more we as a culture talk about mental illness, the more we can accept it as what it is, an illness.
Trent -by SoK

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Pod of Him 007

A Pod of Him 007 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode Trent gives the origin story of the new Death Ray Comics location and we revisit the OG apartofhim podcast episode #7. This episode was sponsored by Twitter user buddhaboy83.

Illustration by @ThatFrakkingCat

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

This spider was crawling on our front window today, so we were able to get a great bottom view of it. But it had moved on before I got my camera. Anyway, some cool shots of a spider here in Utah.

Does anyone know what kind it is?
(if you click on the image, you can see it's full resolution on imgur)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Comic Book Guy vs NXT 024

Why #GiveDivasAChance When NXT already delivers? 

WWE Divas via WWE
Hashtag Give divas a chance. That is the newest battle cry of the WWE in an attempt to keep viewers from fast forwarding through every diva match.

I haven't heard a call to arms this desperate since The Justice League changed its name to The Blue Light Specials, which they did in JLA #257, which saw the Justice League relocate headquarters from the watch tower to the break room in the Fort Lee New Jersey Kmart.

When was the last time a crowd chanted "This is awesome," "This is Wrestling," or not make a break for the restroom during a WWE Diva's match? mmm.... Probably not since the Jumping Bomb Angels defeated the Glamour Girls for the Tag Team Championship at 1988's Royal Rumble. (Look it up, nerds)

NXT's Charlotte via WWENXT
Even more rare, a WWE event which featured divas as the main event. That's as probable as the Fantastic Four's The thing going without Metamucil for a day... He literally has rocks for bowls, folks...

However, if you'd like to see strong, intelligent, wrestlers who inspire the audience to cheer, chant, and gasp, and that just happen to be women, look no further than NXT.

March 4th's show had Sasha Banks defending her newly won title against former champ Charlotte, and this match stands out as one of the best matches of the past year – independent of gender.

Strength, technique, heart, and the ability to tell a story inside of a ring without having a prime-time tie-in reality show in an attempt to bring viewers in... MMM.... It seems the Divas would do well to spend some time in the reality of the NXT rather than the unreality of the E! Network.

So while the WWE jams social media campaigns down viewers throats in an attempt to make up for the skill that models turned wrestlers will never have, the NXT divas will be slamming each other into the mat, and even deeper into the fan's hearts.

This completes our transaction, good bye.