Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 of 2013 - Albums: #7 Bored Nothing: Bored Nothing

7. Bored Nothing, Bored Nothing Highlight Track: "Popcorn"

Maybe it's the type "a" personality in me that doesn't trust other people, but I always admire when someone just makes something. I love to see someone who doesn't look for help from other people, but just makes something and puts it out there. That is exactly what we get with Bored Nothing. It's lo-fi, shoe-gaze at it's best. And yes, a few of the tracks seem to have directly channeled Elliott Smith's apparition, but is that a bad thing? Here's what Chris Girdler of Australia's had to say about the ablum, and I think he's right, there is more to come from Bored Nothing.
"Bored Nothing was compiled from four tapes of home recordings, with the addition of five new tracks. It’s beautifully track-listed, managing to show a range of tempos and styles but also forming a comprehensive, consistent album. In a rare feat, the second half is even better than the first, hitting you when the echoing Motown throb of Let Down kicks in. 
True, there are a couple of down-tempo numbers that veer a little too close to Elliot Smith (Get Out Of here, Charlie’s Creek), but this is an astonishing first album from a new talent still finding his voice and individuality. Having played almost all of the instruments on Bored Nothing, this release is essentially a solo project, but there is a progression toward Bored Nothing branching out to become a full band. This is one of the year’s finest albums, but I suspect there’s even better to come from this chairman of the bored." -  Chris Girdler

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