Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 of 2013 - Albums: #9 Joanna Gruesome: Weird Sister

9. Joanna Gruesome, Weird Sister
Highlight Track: "Secret Surprise"
This album is so much damn fun! It's angsty. It's fast. It is abrasive but holds its own in some beautiful melodies. It's everything I could ask for in a rock album. Not to mention the riffs that will be stuck in your head all day long. I thought Pitchfork's Paul Thompson wrote about the LP perfectly (below). Also, the interview at the end of the above video is a great look into the bands psyche.
One minute, Joanna Gruesome's Alanna McArdle is ditching school and floating from Cardiff to New Orleans on a scooter. The next, she's planning to pull out your teeth, gouge out your eyes with a razorblade, and bash in your fucking skull. Clearly, McArdle isn't fucking around; neither, it seems, are Joanna Gruesome. (I'm told they met in anger management, a story almost too good to be true.) The regrettably named Welsh fivesome's debut LP, Weird Sister, crams an awful lot into a little under half an hour: hardcore blastbeats, fuzzed-out twee, violent urges, zombies and pentagrams. Weird Sister is one of the most purely exuberant, hook-stuffed indie-pop records you're likely to hear this year. But it is not afraid of you, and it will beat your ass. -Paul Thompson

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