Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 20 Albums of 2014 - #20 White Lung "Deep Fantasy"

Feminist post-punk/hardcore done so perfectly it becomes about being a human and not a gender.

Here's what Pitchfork's Ian Cohen had to say about the album:
White Lung aren’t subtle—but then again, neither is the doorman who assumes every woman with a band is either a groupie or the merch girl. Nor is your average comments section in response to just about any article posted about a female artist. Nor are the standards of physical beauty, relationship dynamics, and personal happiness promulgated by pop culture. Nor is drug addiction. Nor is the #notallmen hashtag. Nor is questioning Sky Ferreiraabout how much her breasts are responsible for her success, nor are authorities liable to ask “what were you wearing” to every accuser of sexual assault. White Lung’s bracing third LP Deep Fantasy is a product of its environment, that environment being “the real world in 2014,” filled with people who refuse to be a part of the solution because they won’t even admit there’s a problem. 
So, White Lung are not subtle. But Deep Fantasy is definitely savvy, ensuring its staunch ideals are delivered by a riveting, relatable frontwoman and 22 minutes of vicious, compact musicianship and addictive melody. It’s an uncompromising feminist punk record that can be grasped by anyone who finds themselves compelled by kickass rock music and basic human decency... Read more at

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