Monday, December 9, 2013

Rating / Review: INHUMANITY #1

Marvel Comics
(Writer) Matt Fraction
 (Artist/Cover Artist) Olivier Coipel
 After Infinity, the Marvel Universe has changed. The Avengers find themselves face to face with Karnak who has discovered the secret of the Inhumans that will shake the Marvel U to its core.
Price: $3.99
In Shops 12/4/2013

If you are a fan of MARVEL's Inhumans, then this book is a MUST READ. If you are a fan of the MARVEL universe, but don't know much (or anything for that matter) about the Inhumans, then this book is a MUST READ. 

Matt Fraction and Oliver Coipel beautifully give an entire race's back-story in the issue and set the stage for what I anticipate to be a great story arc that has the potential to introduce an unlimited amount of great super heroes/villains into the MARVEL U. Well done, sirs.

Read this book if you liked Infinity, House of M, and/or Annihilation .
Don't care about the MARVEL Universe... then you'd probably be just fine to skip past this one.
Download an art work preview here.

Story: 4/4 Hank Scorpios
Art: 3/4 Hank Scorpios
Overall: 3.5/4 Hank Scorpios

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