Saturday, November 23, 2013

Have a Week!

It's been a good week here at Death Ray Comics. Had some people come in today (as I do most Saturdays) with a box full of "really old," "collectible" comics. Sadly folks, Comic Book Girl 19 has the best solution for collecting comics from the 90s. A lot of folks don't believe me when I tell them what their stuff is "worth." So just buy stuff you enjoy!

But it's the end of the week, and the Blackest of Fridays cometh. So Sherman and I are calling it quits for today. See yous tomorrow night on NetHeads!

Sherman has it Ruff'


  1. Add a computer to your setup. They'll come in and say, "How much is this worth?" Then you adjust your glasses, take a look at the comic, taking note of random details. Open up some program, and start doing some typing, inspection of comic, type some more, flip comic book, type some more, check pages, and finally hit enhance a few times. Then give your usual explanation, but this time it should seem more legit. Extra points if you can train Sherman to sniff the comic before making an offer.

  2. The 'Ol Black Friday. Fun stuff :)