Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cool vs Stool: BATGIRL ANNUAL #1

If you listen to the Zeros N' Heroes Podcast, then you've heard me gush over almost all of Gail Simone's work; the first annual issue of her New 52 Batgitl is no exception. What's better than one hottie-bow-bottie redhead kicking ass? How about adding Catwoman and female Talon into the mix?!

Admira Wijaya brings a change of pallet to this book with an almost oil-on-canvas look to the art, which really is quite beautiful.

The story ties in with the "City of Owls" arc which started back in Batman 14, and it is a sweet reward for those who have been reading Batgirl.

I'm not usually a big pusher of Annual issues, but this was worth the money and time spent.

Cool vs Stool: Cool

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