Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's A Rusty Venture?

There are many definitions for a "Rusty Venture." Many people have confused said act with "Snake Venom" and a "Double Frogman."

I'd like to think that a Rusty Venture is something personal, shared with only that most special person, who you've known at least 4 minutes, and that it is an act performed only under the safest of circumstances, like after taking a fist-full of bennies chased down with a Slurpee® infused with cheap scotch, in the back of a taco truck the two of you broke into, and that it is an act of such trust and intimacy, that it should only be attempted when you in a "safe" mental state of being, like just barley drunk/high enough to really push your inhibitions into the taco truck's deep fryer. That said, here is what Rusty Venture had to say about defining a "Rusty Venture." Please, let me know your interpretation of a "Rusty Venture" in the comments.

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