Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

2.5 stars because it is a Ghost Rider film. I think this round of the story was better done than it's predecessor in the sense that it doesn't take the subject material nor the content as serious. The film pulls from the Marvel Knights Motion Comics for the exposition of the origin story. This technique is genius. It's a mechanism for getting the backstory out of the way in an engaging medium. Hell, I wish the whole film had been done as a motion comic. The tag team directors from Crank and Gamer don't hold back their fetish like use of low angles, shakey cam, trombone shots, and sweeping crane shots. It is what it is. Poor writing, obvious catch phrases, and typical overacting of Nic Cage. This film deserves 2 stars... but it is still a film about Ghost Rider. Wait for DVD.
Cool vs Stool = Stool

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