Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peach Days

Last weekend I had the chance to partake in a colloquial event that could only be rivaled by the Box Elder County Fair. The coming together I speak of is none other than Brigham City's own Peach Days. Now, up until 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, I didn't even know that Peach Days existed. However, a good friend, who's father-in-law was showing his GTO in Peach Days Classic Car Show, sent me a text telling me to get my trash over the hill to sink my teeth into the succulent display of all that Brigham has to offer.

Off we went, my self and a few of my closest friends. Nothing could have prepared me for what I encountered. If I could break down what a saw in perhaps terms of musical genres, Peach Days was 35% Country, 18% Western, 27% Mariachi, 13% Rock-Rap, 17 % Industrial-Trash, and 89% Kick-Ass! Granted my percentages may be off, but then again, I think Peach Days might be also.


  1. I'm so sad I missed it this year. I love peach days

  2. hahaha Trent you are great. I wanted to go to Peach Days this year... Maybe next year I will be able to experience the succulent nature that you got a taste of.

  3. i'm gonna have to disagree with you about peach days rivaling the box elder county fair (aka the tremonton fair). nothing, and i mean nothing can rival the tremonton fair. and in reality, nothing comes in at a close second. really think about it and i think you will agree with me.