Friday, July 22, 2016

John Hodgman on Donald Trump

I subscribe to a weekly "lifestyle newsletter" written by John Hodgman. [If you're not familiar with Hodgman, he was the PC to Justin Long's Mac in the Apple commercials, he was the Deranged Millionaire on the Daily Show, and now he is cast in several television shows as well as the host of one of the best podcasts on the internet.] This week, in the opening to his newsletter, Hodgman described his thoughts about the GOP nominee for President of the United States. His assessment of what is inside the dome of Donald Trump is frightfully astute.
It has been another sad and distressing week, with lots of loss and turmoil here and abroad. And then Trump. Whether he is amusing or terrifying, trying to figure out what is happening inside Trump’s brain cavern has at least always been an engaging distraction, even if it robbed me of my livelihood. How can anything I do as the Deranged Millionaire ever compare with the longform improv DT has been laying down for the past year? 
But watching him half announce Mike Pence on Saturday and then psychotically step all over him on 60 minutes last night just exhausted me. That dude sure starts a LOT of sentences that he never finishes, and it puts in my head what I think exists in his own: a perpetually neurotic/paranoid fugue state of half-ideas and petty fears. 

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