Saturday, February 13, 2016

Charge 'Em If You Got 'Em

I had a short , older white man come into the gas station this evening. Aviator-style prescription glasses, quilted vest, buzzed haircur - think of a 4' 9" version of Walter Sobcheck.

Customer: You know that last e-cig I bought, the battery didn't even last for it to get half-way through the cigarette. I tried to charge it but it didn't hold a charge at all.

Me: Well, at least traditional cigarettes, the ones you start on fire, are guaranteed to smoke.

Customer: Yeah, but how am I gonna sneak it in the house with the old lady.

He said that last part while glaring at me from over top of his comically  large glasses. He being a man of less than average height to begin with, and me being a c-store clerk already on an elevated platform behind the counter, just to see over the oval lenses of his glasses, forced him to tilt his chin deep into his chest, creating a pile of chins.

Me: Well serves you right then.

He ended up buying another e-cigarette and five refills for it. He also bought a pack of traditional, light-on-fire, Wide Camel Lights... You know, for his old lady.

Happy Valentines!

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  1. Love it, and all us clerks know who this miserable dude is! 2nd least favorite customer.