Monday, October 26, 2015

Be Part of A Part of Him

So... My computer shit the bed. All info stored on the hard drive was lost... including all of the bumpers used on the A Part of Him Podcast Network.

So this is a chance that you can join the talent  of the APoH Network. We need new bumpers.

We need a disclaimer bumper to start our programs and we need an APoH Network Identity drop to play at the end of our programs.

So if you'd like to submit your work, send three high quality audio files

File #1 Script
The following program is not safe for work. The opinions and views expressed are for comedic effect and do not represent the views of Death Ray Comics, The A Part of Him Podcast Network, or any actual human being for that matter. Listener discretion is advised.
File #2 Script
You've been listening to another program on The A Part of Him Podcast Network.
File #3 Script
<there is no script for this one, just have fun and record whatever you'd like to hear as a bumper on the network>
Thanks in advance, and I hope that you will be joining team APoH!

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