Sunday, January 18, 2015

@apartofhim's Top 20 of 2014 - #3 Tycho "Awake"

Listening to the third track "L" will do more for your understanding this album than anything I could ever write. It embodies everything this San Francisco artist (tours as a trio) has created on this album. It's smooth, driving, catchy, airy, weird, and perfect. This summer I put "L" on repeat and rode my motorcycle to 2 and a half hours to Wyoming, and I still wasn't sick of the song. But if you ever tire of "L" you'll be primed to ingest the top 3 album of 2014.

Read what Pitchfork's Nick Neyland wrote about "Awake:"
Awake is the album where Scott Hansen, the San Francisco-based visual artist and musician who records as Tycho, expands into a far-reaching space. He's made gorgeously constructed techno under this name for over a decade, ultimately gaining traction with the sunny Dive in 2011. In the context of Awake—the first Tycho record recorded as a three-piece band—his previous albums now sound like mere dreams of the luminous world he was trying so hard to connect to. Here, Hansen gains a skip in his step and strides right into that place, largely due to a shedding of the muddied beats and wistful synth tones that positioned him a little too close to Boards of Canada's retro-futuristic notions. There's more air here, lending a greater expanse of room to move around in than before, like travelling from a rundown seaside resort to vast scoops of desert plane. It's still recognizable as a Tycho recording, with a familiar sense of melancholy and the embers of sundown burning through it, but with the ambition clearly heightened right from the first few notes. Read the rest at Pitchfork

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