Tuesday, January 13, 2015

@apartofhim's Top 20 of 2014 - #8 Paws "Youth Culture Forever"

Distorted thick gutairs , tom-heavy drums, gravely vocals juxtaposed with air harmonized backups: This is Scott-Rock at its best!

Pitchfork's Jeremy Gordon had this to say:
There’s a scene in Cartoon Network’s "Adventure Time"—a cartoon that embodies the intersection of interests between seven-year olds and stoners—where the main character, Finn, is frustrated by the old people who tell him he’s too young to know what he’s doing. Undeterred, he yells "Youth culture forever!" as he runs away to try something new. You might consider this when listening to Youth Culture Forever, the sophomore album from Scottish trio PAWS that comes here to both praise and bury youth. Like contemporaries Yuck and Tony Molina, you can pinpoint PAWS’ 90s alt rock influences from a mile away—there’s a bit of Mascis, Malkmus, Cuomo, and the like. But while they spend time recounting the well-worn experiences of being young—the drunkenness, the heartbreak, the drunken heartbreak—they also push aside foolish things in favor of sober observations, giving them gravitas beyond their years. Read the rest at Pitchfork...

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