Sunday, January 26, 2014

Billionaire, Old White Man Is Angry - Also His American Dream Is SUPER Wet

The contradictions in this had me audibly LAWLing. 

The following are my thoughts after reading the above email.

David Green in his 5.5 million-square-foot distribution warehouse in Oklahoma City
Photo: Forbes
I don't know when agency and accountability for one's own choices come into play in religious beliefs, but the choice to pay or not pay is pretty binary. I applaud anyone who stands up for his/her beliefs. Don't do something if you don't believe in it, and then accept the consequences as a true testament to your beliefs (remind me again of that one guy who asked if there was other options, made a choice and accepted the consequences....).

I WHOLLY understand the burden put on SMALL business owners in caring for their employees. AND I too have had to ask for help from the masses to stay afloat [without a doubt the single hardest thing I've ever had to do - those who know my aversion to asking for/accepting help are nodding your heads right now].

However, a call-to-arms (actually there isn't even a call to anything in the email... it's more of a... Oh, life is hard cuz I'm SUPER rich and Christian, rant) to help someone's continued "American Dream" - someone who owns 500+ Franchised Stores in 41 States - oozing in patriotic and dogmatic rhetoric... well... shit. It just hurts my guts, especially as someone chasing the American Dream (not someone who is seemingly laying in the aftermath of its $3 billion nocturnal emission).

So I'm sharing this, because David Green, the poor owner of a $3 BILLION franchise, is calling out the "liberal media" for not cuming in to cover his problems.


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