Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank you! A million times, THANK YOU!

WOW! I can't say thank you enough, for all the encouraging posts, messages, and good juju sent out to me.

Additionally, to all of you who have donated to help keep things running and for those who shop at Death Ray Comics - even when you have other choices..... it means so much to me (and Sherman too).

So, I've got some special things I wanna do for all of you who have helped me out in my need. Friday and Saturday, I'm going to have a THANK YOU! sale at the shop. All back issues will be super cheap, and all of the "discount" comics will be 1/2 off (meaning that a lot of comics will only be 25 cents!). Also, a ton of the "merch" we'll be selling at cost.

Now, I've got some special stuff planned for those of you who have donated and reached out to let me know you care and want to help (even if it's been by buying extra comics). I'll keep you updated as things progress, but Galactus has truly smiled on our little indie shop. You are all, part of the Death Ray family.

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