Thursday, March 21, 2013

Logan Film Festival - Thur, March 21, 2013

I will being MCing and hosting viewings as well as Q/As and panels this weekend. Here is a brief synopsis the stuff I'm involved with this weekend (Thurs. 3.21.203)

Thursday / Dansante / 6:00pm

Wir Malen (Nick Reddoch, San Diego CA) 8 min Student (Q&A)
A group of people are trapped in a room, compelled to paint it over and over again, until an outsider questions their world.

Paulie (David Haskell, California) 11min narrative
A short comedy about Paulie, a child prodigy who goes on a quest to take down the school bully after the bully beats him in the big essay contest.

Leaving Earth (Joshua Lester, Canada) 17 min student narrative
In the far reaches of space, an astronaut lives out his final moments, and relives his most
important memories.

Pipelines (Jesse Mcclung, Arkansas) 15min student narrative
Based on the Short Story from well known Novelists, Edgar Keret. Pipelines is the story of an abused young man whose life is the result of him being an outcast and misfit to society.

Imagine is about a paramedic, who lives under a cloud of guilt after being unable to save his daughters life.

Thursday / Dansante / 10:30pm

Born & Raised 95 min. Narrative
In a small, seaside town, a young man learns a thing or two about love, luck and life from his welltraveled, outlaw grandfather.

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