Friday, February 22, 2013

Irons In The Fire...

To say that I've had a lot going on in 2013 would be a grievous understatement. My schedule for each week since school started has consisted of recording NetHeads with Will, recording and editing an episode of my docu-web series Comics and Comedy, recording and editing an episode of Zeros N' Heroes, write/host/facilitate the ZnH Trivia Challenge, read at least 500 pages for my two graduate courses, participate in 3.5 hours of face to

face course discussion, recording and podcasting the 3.5 hours of discussion, participating in online course discussions, and helping out at the 3 weekend shows produced by Logan Out Loud. And to top it off, I've been setting up my own small business, Death Ray Comics. Oh... did I mention that I also carry a full-time position as an under appreciated marketing professional? I've been running on little to no sleep, gallons of caffeine, and cases of top ramen.

I just wanted to take a few seconds and thank everyone who has helped me out while I've had so many irons in the fire. From Jordan letting Sherman out to go potty, to all the support from podcast listeners from across the globe, it has been the support of friends, family, and everyone else who has expressed faith in my ability to keep my head above water, it's your support that keeps me believing in myself.

As Death Ray Comics is starting to lift off, the positive feedback from Loganites, NetHeads, and ZnH'ers alike has been outstanding. To all those who continue encouraging me along this path, even if it's just been  buying a used graphic novel, thank you.

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  1. This blog post was brought up in a performance review when I worked at Utah State University, and was used against me in a case of sub-par performance. #TheInternetIsWrittenInInk but #OldWhiteMenDieOffFast