Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain America #18

This issue was a beautiful love letter, from a Captain America fan, to Simon, Kirby, and Lee; and it was a love letter to Cap’ himself. Brubaker is the writer that made me fall in love with Cap’, and Empting set the standard of which no other artist will reach when it comes to drawing the Super Soldier with the Shield. With standards set so incredibly high, it made me sad - like realizing that your friend had moved away and you’d never talk to him again - when the last page, after Brubaker’s actual letter to the fans, was of the next volume of Captain America, bearing one of the worst cover’s I’ve ever seen.

This is an amazing book. One of those books that sticks with you, and you’ll want to read again and again. Thank you Ed Brubaker and Steve Empting for such an amazing adventure. 

Needless to say, this book got 6/5 stars.

Captain America #19

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