Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas - From Trent and Sherman

Seasons Greetings, or whatever-

Sherman and I would just like to wish you the best of luck and love in this upcoming year. Our year was spent lying around in the sun and chewing on bones. Sherman also had a pretty productive year.

I will finish graduate school in the spring (with an MS in English: Technical/Professional writing). I finally made it to the motor-cycle mecca of Sturgis, SD. My many podcasts continue to get more and more downloads, and I was even recognized by a listener when I was at a conference in Chicago. Also, in an effort to increase local listenership, I started hosting a trivia quiz at a local tavern that is now a "thing to do" for locals in Logan, Utah.

Check out my short 2012 photo gallery below (by clicking on play
slideshow) and have a happy holiday season!

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          Trent Hunsaker

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