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ZnH Trivia Answers - Week 24


Here it is, the answer key for ZnH Trivia Challenge Week 24
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Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 1

Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 1
In The News
What “Les Miserables” star has made headlines for a “wardrobe malfunction”?
Anne Hathaway
Who played “Newman”
Wayne Knight
Which is the largest U.S. lake west of the Mississippi River?
The Great Salt Lake
Olympic Skiers 
In what year was Alpine Skiing first introduced to the Winter Olympics?
1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
2012 Box Office
Currently, what film has grossed the most at the domestic box office in 2012?
The Avengers
Comic Books - Catch Phrases
“I am the law!”
Judge Dredd

Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 2
In The News
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, signed legislation which allows workers at union-represented employers to forgo paying dues. What is the lei man’s term for this type of legislation?
What is the name of George Costanzo’s architect alter-ego?
Art Vandelay
Which country located southeast of Australia is one of the world's leading producers of wool?
New Zealand
Olympic Skiers 
Who was the last American Woman to win a medal in the “Super G?”
Lindsey Vonn (Vancouver, Bronze)
2012 Box Office
What was the highest grossing film in June of 2012?
Comic Books - Catch Phrases
Imperius Rex!
Namor, The Sub Mariner

Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 3
In The News
Who knocked out Manny Pacquiao in the 6th round of their WBO welterweight fight?
Juan Manuel Marquz
Who was Elaine’s object of affection during “The Contest?”
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Low-grade iron ore found near Lake Superior is known by what name?
Olympic Skiers 
Who is the most decorated American Male Alpine Skier?
Bode Miller
2012 Box Office
So far, what film has grossed the most during the “Holiday Season” of 2012?
Breaking Dawn Part 2
Comic Books - Catch Phrases
By Crom!
Conan the Barbarian

Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 4
In The News
What religious leader sent an historic first “Tweet” on Wednesday? Just the title of this leader is not a sufficient answer.
Pope Benedict XVI
Who said this? “I got news for you: handicapped people, they don't even want to park there! They wanna be treated just like anybody else! That's why, those spaces are always empty.”
Cosmo Kramer
France's oldest city is also its chief seaport on the Mediterranean Sea. Name this city.
Olympic Skiers 
Name 4 of the 5 categories in “Freestyle Skiiing.”
Moguls, Aerials, Ski Cross, Superpipe, and Slopestyle.
2012 Box Office
What was the top grossing film in domestic box offices in March 2012?
The Hunger Games
Comic Books - Catch Phrases
There is good and there is evil, and evil must be punished.

Zeros N’ Heroes Trivia – Week 24 – Round 5
In The News
What 1986 Tony Scott film is getting a 6-day 3D IMAX showing in February?
Top Gun
What was “Little Jerry Seinfeld?”
A Rooster
Which of these cities is located farther south? Bucharest, Minsk, Kiev

Olympic Skiers 
What country has the highest medcal count in freestyle skiing?
2012 Box Office
Name 3 of the top 5 grossing summer films in the domestic box office:
1.    The Avengers
2.    The Dark Knight Rises
3.    The Amazing Spider-Man
4.    Brave
5.    Ted
Comic Books - Catch Phrases
Sweet Christmas!
Luke Cage

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