Friday, August 10, 2012

Sturgis: Part 2 (Rules of the Road)

Rule #294 Proving You Were There

Often times while motorcycling, one must take photos of iconic landmarks as proof (at least to your wife/husband) that you were actually there. It is OK in these proof-of-attendance photos to use your motorcycle as a stand-in for you. This avoids two things: 1- Having to ask the any other tourists to take a picture of you, and 2- in avoiding other tourists to take the shot, having to hold the camera at arm's length trying to get your much-too-large head in the same frame as the iconic landmark. However if you have to point out the landmark in your photo...
...get closer to said landmark.

Rule #28 Stay Hydrated

When motorcycling through the high-plain deserts of the North American West, it is important to stay hydrated. Stop a while and quench your thirst. ... Though thirst quenching, there are better alternatives for hydrating oneself than beer.

Rule #481 Bike Positioning (Photographs)

It is acceptable to position motorcycles for aesthetic effect. This will make your photos more interesting. This technique also attracts passers by who will take notice and ask question about the motorcycles. It is in good taste to accommodate these questions, however do not accommodate requests such as "You show me yours, I'll show you mine..."

Rule #853 Remember the Rules You Already Know

See Rule #294.

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