Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's a Marvel-Heavy Week: Pull List Wed. Aug 1, 2012

Avengers Academy_34_Full
• AvX fall-out: Avengers Academy is closed…indefinitely! • Alchemist, a.k.a. wunderkind industrialist Jeremy Briggs, offers the students a chance to... More

Avengers vs X-Men_9_Full
• Their numbers dwindling, the Avengers stage a daring raid on the X-Men’s prison to rescue their captive members—and you... More

Avenging Spider-Man_10_Full
• BOSTON! Prepare to have your sox knocked off! • A 50-ft tall red-headed madwoman versus an army of privatized... More
They run…I like it when they run.’ And don’t miss the latest chapter of the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup epic from... More
• Nelson/Murdock no more! Foggy’s discovered a secret Matt’s been keeping–and he doesn’t take it well! • And a last... More

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe_1_Full
• What if everthing you thought was funny about Deadpool…was actually just disturbing? • What if he decided to kill... More

Fury MAX_5_Full
• The Bay of Pigs Invasion has begun! • Fury and Hatherly are deep in Cuba on Castro’s trail, tasked... More

Human traffickers. Rogue medical teams. Yakuza run organ mills and a six year-old drug fiend. Welcome to Dr. Benjamin Dane’s... More

• The breakout star of this summer’s blockbuster AVENGERS film and self-made hero Hawkeye fights for justice! • With ex-Young... More
The Defenders_9_Full
• The Concordance Engine unleashed! • The Defenders…. lost in infinite space-time without a map! • What alternate universe will... More
The First X-Men_1
• X-Men legend Neal Adams returns to Marvel’s Mutants! • The secret history of the X-Men…BEFORE Xavier’s team! • Starring... More
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man_13_Full
• DIVIDED WE FALL!!! • Guest starring CAPTAIN AMERICA More

• The first of five issues that will CHANGE THE FACE OF X-FACTOR FOREVER. • PART I: A rejected Strong... More

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