Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comic Book Pull List 7.25

• JONAH HEX and TALLULAH BLACK face the Lord of Assassins’ steam-powered death machine. • Introducing TERRENCE 13 in a... More
American Vampire_29
Skinner Sweet is back! And he’s hunting Hollywood vampires in 1954. But how did he survive the horrible events of... More
Astonishing X-Men_52
• The explosive aftermath to the year’s most talked about event! More
Batman_The Dark Knight_11
• SCARECROW makes a bold move against BATMAN, using COMMISSIONER GORDON as bait! • The terrifying pasts of both SCARECROW... More
Before Watchmen_Comedian_2
“It’s something I’m good at. It’s war.” Plus, a new CRIMSON CORSAIR backup feature from writer LEN WEIN and artist... More
Captain America_15
• “NEW WORLD ORDERS” • Still reeling from Hydra’s Madbombs, Cap finds himself the target of a vicious media smear... More
Dark Avengers_178
• Luke Cage learns the secret behind the deadly mission that faces the Dark Avengers! • The TimeStream-TravelingThunderbolts battle Dr.... More
• Part one of “BLACKLISTED!” • Deadpool vs. classic ’Pool persecutor, BLACK BOX! More
• “THE LIGHT BRIGADE” • A closer look at the Universal Inhuman supergroup. • See what happens when they are... More
Green Lantern_New Guardians_11
• LARFLEEZE versus the NEW GUARDIANS! • It’s greed versus the entire spectrum as we finally learn the truth about... More
Crashing through plate glass unscathed? Child’s play. Jumping over moving cars? Whatevs. When Hit-Girl is your mentor, you’d better keep... More
Secret Avengers_29
• To prevent a death the Secret Avengers must risk starting a war! • A secret romance heats up! •... More
This Philip K. Dick-ian nightmare hurtles toward its tasty conclusion as Orson stops running and turns to look into the... More
The Amazing Spider-Man_690
• There might be more than one Lizard now… • And Spider-Man might notice– if only he wasn’t so busy... More
The Avengers_28
• AVX TIE-IN! • The last stand of the Red Hulk…? More
The Incredible Hulk_11
• Banner continues to torment the Hulk as the STAY ANGRY arc continues! • A lost city of Sasquatches! •... More
“HORIZON” A glimpse into the NEW FUTURE that the scientists of the Manhattan Projects have built on the foundation of... More
Uncanny X-Force_28
• X-Force land themselves somewhere you’ve never seen them. • A new member joins the team! • Rising star Julian... More
• Toxin vs. Venom! Flash Thompson’s Last Stand! The Crime-Master Triumphant! – It’s the Savage Six Finale the comics world... More
Winter Soldier_8
• Bucky vs. Black Widow • Old enemies resurfacing with new codenames. • And nothing will ever be the same. More
Wolverine and the X-Men_14
• AVX TIE-IN! • We can’t say much or we spoil the event of the summer! • Kitty Pryde on... More
X-Treme X-Men_1
• Spinning out of the pages of ASTONISHING X-MEN! • Travel the multiverse with Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, and Emmeline... More

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