Saturday, July 7, 2012

Avengers Academy, a Big Ole Bucket of Win

For months now I've been raving about Christos Gage's run on Avengers Academy. In fact, I have probably blogged more about this "teen" title more so than any other comic book (which says a lot considering my weekly pull lists are at least 15 titles on a lean week). Maybe the fact that it is a "teen" title says more about me than the writing, but I strongly feel that this is one of the best written comic books Marvel is currently publishing.

#32 in particular is a must read, especially if you are an Iron Giant fan (which sits in my desert island top 10 movies of all time). I'm not going to spoil anymore, but the two panels below shows what an amazing book this is. I urge you, if you have a human soul, go to your local comic book shop (or drive a distance to the one not run by an asshole) and buy this book. Keep it up Christos, you sir, have got yourself a big ole bucket of win!

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