Thursday, May 10, 2012

What? People Read Twitter?!

I had a very surreal moment this week. The majority of us post shit on Twitter. When I say shit, I mean excrement from our minds, to our fingers, to the keys, to the Internet, that doesn't really affect anyone, positively or negatively.

I've been trying to share my thoughts on comic books lately on Twitter. I'm not sure if they really mean much to anyone. Mostly it's just a way for me to get my thoughts out... because I'm lonely. (ok, I'm not lonely, Sherman LOVES hearing my thoughts on comics!)

I posted this about Jonathan Hickman's new title The Manhattan Projects:
You can imagine my reaction when this came up on my Twitter "Mentions" the following day:
Nick Pitarra is a much better human than I am. He didn't respond with a "Fuck you troll! Let's see you do better" tweet (which would have been my response). He took the high road and made me laugh. The following tweets were exchanged:

With one tweet, Nick won me over, not just as a fan, but as an appreciator of being a real person. So many (myself included - as a pseudo podcast celebrity) get caught up in our lives, and we either don't respond to interactions from listeners/readers, or we only "have enough time" to respond negatively to those who harshly critique us. Well done Nick Pitarra. Well done.


  1. Just admit it, you're an internet sensation. Though honestly, I love reading your internet excrement and your boredim cures mine. Keep being awesome.

  2. Awesome post....glad I could win you over. I'm intrigued that you suggested putting out while not offering it, and I referenced having a large penis without confirming it. Oh how we boys flirt. :)

    Ha! In all honesty though...thanks for being cool and receptive and fun to pester!

  3. I'm pretty sure his penis is huge. With that kind of confidence, how could it not be?