Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Come Play with Me! (Winky Face)

Ladies, listen up. When you text a guy and/or tell him you want to play, he thinks you are DTF. In reality, you want to cuddle up and watch Disney movies, or maybe perhaps you had in mind literally playing tag or some stupid shit. Don't ever use this term with men. It's like calling a guy's car/truck/motorcycle cute. Once a guy figures out what "play" really means, you can say goodbye to him, because that's an automatic boner shrinker.


  1. What is up with this?! Nothing infuriates me more than using this term. I'd rather storm Normandy on D-Day than hear/read/taste anyone ever using the word "play" in this fashion.

    There is a special place in hell reserved for these girls; lower than where Western Kentucky truck drivers will reside for eternity.

  2. Hate this. I hope she burns in hell.