Friday, March 23, 2012

Venom is the Cure to Pneumonia

Jack O' Lantern survived a grenade explosion
that Venom shoved in his face.
If it weren't for comic books and Dr. Who, having pneumonia would suck a lot more than it already does.  Yes, I have pneumonia. Yes, it sucks. Being a geek at times like this does have its  perks.

I finally got caught up on Marvel's Venom. WOW! If you aren't reading this book, you might want to pick it up. There are so many things I've loved about this title. I'll only focus on one, Jack O'Lantern. In the past this character has been your typical throw away villain. In fact, there have been multiple villains who have worn the pumpkin. But finally, we get a proper psychopathic Jack. If you only read one issue of Venom, I would suggest  #11, which holds the whole effed up origin story. 

Dr. Who Update
I've finished season 4. It has surprisingly grown on me. It's nice to have something program that is always there for you, like an old friend, or maybe, more like Sherman, waiting for me after work.

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