Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 "Wha Happened?"

So I am using Facebook's TimeLine to remind me of 
"wha happened" in the life of T-Hun during the past year.

I had a lot of podcasting going on early in the year with A Part of Him, Radio Askew, and Ska Show (however there hasn't been a whole lot done with APoH recently, while RA and SS have been put on indefinite hiatus). 

I joined and retired from the Beam Me Up Ska-T's.

I started my Marvel figure collection that has quickly grown to more than 40 pieces.

I dated someone though it ended, albeit amicably.

I have been able to join my good friend Will Wilkins on Smodcast Internet Radio on our show NetHeads.

I vistited San Antonio and Chicago on business (only two trips out of the state for work, which I like compared to the 10+ in 2010).

While in a comic shop in Chicago, I was recognized for being on NetHeads.

I started and failed on three different diets.

My stand-up had some great leaps, opening for Dave Ackerman, Ricky Hacking, Pete Lee, and regular open mic nights.

I started and finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series; I cried when Oy died.

I became the father of a beautiful 140 lb Bernese Moutain Dog, Sherman.

My life was completed by seeing Captain America: The First Avenger.

I went to lunch at Este's with Jill, Eric, and Anne (seemingly like a small event, but it was a highlight of 2011).

I was able to be with my nephew at his first Aggie game.

I uncovered a hidden talent for pumkin super hero carving.

My heart was touched when Joe Simon, creator of Captain America, passed away at 98.

I was honored as roast master for my friends bachelor party roast.

Sherman and I started our journey to backcountry surfing extraordinaires.

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