Friday, November 18, 2011

How Should We Remember Joe Shuster?

The following is my reply to an article on the LA Times Hero Complex website. The article talks about the fetish art by Superman's co-creator that has recently been published postmortem.  Please make sure to read the full article by Geoff Bucher.

I really appreciate Jerry's comments (especially since I imagine that is the legendary Jerry Robinson). While I have yet to open the cover of the survey, I hope that the publication of the book doesn't add even more insult to the injury that Shuster's career endured.
Jerry was classy when he said, "Occasionally, a hard up movie star has taken work waiting tables." I am less classy and will say they end up doing porn. If Sylvester Stallion's stinit in adult films was never made public until after he died, we would look at "Rocky" in a whole different light. But, he had time to change that image; show that sometimes a job is just a job, even if it is fun at the time. We all know of the Italian Stallion, but that is over shadowed by Rocky and Rambo. Let's let 'The Flesh Merchants" stand in the shadow of "Superman." 

Trent Hunsaker

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