Saturday, April 23, 2011

Government Customer Service - City of Logan, Utah

See both civil servants? 
Today I was pulled over and issued a citation for having out of date registration. That's ok. I get that. Yes I was driving to the Local Harley-Davidson dealer to get a safety inspection so I could register the motorcycle, but I'm not upset about the ticket.

I am, however, upset at the lack of knowledge the (in all reality very cordial) officer had in actual procedures. He wasn't sure on the processes of temporary registration, being able to change registration due dates, among a  slew of other registration-specific questions I had. He was very nice, but simply told me, you'll have to talk to the DMV.

Now, you may say, this isn't his job. Yes, he did know the law needed to issue me a ticket. Just as clerk running the cash register at the grocery store knows what it takes to scan items and provide the service of exchanging money. However, if I were to ask the clerk when the sale was to end on watermelon, on which aisle the peanut butter was located, or even how long it took to place a special case-order he/she could answer me. It's called customer service.

I beg the City of Logan, to train its employees for better customer service. It's not the fault of this very nice officer. It's his supervisor's fault for not seeing the importance of organizational cross training. 

If you've had similar expericences with poor customer service, let city officials know via Twitter (  

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