Tuesday, December 28, 2010

15 Goals for 2011

I am publicly posting these goals in the hopes that this will hold me somewhat accountable to them.  So if you ever read this, please feel free to hit me up and ask how they are going. These are in random order:

2011 is gonna make 2010 her BITCH!
  1. Get back in my kayak. (not that I don't fit, but to do one river run would be a success)
  2. Go to the dentist once. (I haven't been to the dentist since 2002)
  3. Participate in and finish LOTOJA. (208 miles in one day, may be the hardest physical feet of my life)
  4. Ride my motorcycle to a coast. (It doesn't matter what coast)
  5. Ride six track days at Miller Motorsports Park. (APEX track days has about 10 available days, I can do at least six)
  6. Lose 40 lbs and maintain that weight. (That weight would be 190 lbs... you do the math for what I weigh now)
  7. Write for fun at least once a week. (This could be on my blog or even for http://thetelevisionist.com/, but it should be published)
  8. Brush my teeth everyday. (OK... So I struggle with this... LAY OFF!)
  9. Join a band. (This one is already in the works, but won't take place until 2011)
  10. Justify my gym membership by actually going and lifting weights at least twice a week. (I've had the membership for a year, and only gone a handful of times, that's an expensive handful of times)
  11. Go on a motorcycle trip with my mom and dad. (We usually make this happen, but it didn't last year and I will never let that happen again)
  12. Use up all of the days on my Jackson Hole Ski Pass (I bought one last year, and only went once, that was a very expensive day of skiing)
  13. Sturgis. (Could be with my folks, or on my way to a coast, or a trip of its own)
  14. Attend a "CON". (It could be a Comicon, Dragoncon, E3, Nerdtacular, ETC)
  15. Date someone. (I realize that this is A-Lame, B-Pathetic, and C-Technically not a good goal because I can't control if a girl will date me or not, but I think I'm to a point in my life where I could be a pretty good boyfriend)

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