Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giant Hamburgers - Mesa's Huge Secret!

It is what it is.

Classic burgers and crispy/greasy fries

Long time friend of the show Chad Bowman introduced me to a strip mall burger joint that lives up to its name: Giant Hamburgers.  The menu consists not just over sized burgers either.  A full range menu from omelets to cheesecake is available for the hearty eater.  Also, if you aren't sure of what the menu items look like, there is a full LCD screen which displays the food stuffs, breaking it down to the very basics like hamburger patty and fried egg. I had a bacon cheeseburger that believe it or not filled me full (coupled with some of the best crispy, greasy fries I've had since I stopped tempura battering/frying Carl's Jr. fries at home in my Fry-Daddy). If you are in the Mesa, Arizona area, I would highly suggest sinking into this Giant Hamburgers! Cool VS Stool rating = Cool
Not for the weak heart.
Friend of the show, Chad Bowman!

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