Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tony Burgers: "One burger to rule them all"

Tony Burgers of Centerville, Utah claims that they have "one burger to rule them all."  I'd like to think that in my stomach, I shall bind them.
The "all fresh, never frozen" craze is hitting the Utah burger market hard, with chains like In-N-Out and 5 Guys stepping up to bat in the Wasatch Front, I'm sure we'll be seeing many local versions of these chains popping up.  Tony's follows the patterns for these popular burger establishments with a simple menu featuring fresh hand made patties in 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 lb sizes.

I really like the paper sleeve that the burger is served in! It allows one to eat the entire burger without having to get their hands greasy or unwrap extra paper (like at In-N-Out). While the burger is quite good, what really surprised me were the fries.  These twice fried shoe string fries, really feel like they are melting in your mouth.  That said, you may want to eat them first or at least chow down on a few before your burger, as they mushify the colder they get. They also serve salads, but the thought of a salad just pisses me off.

The bathroom is sadly just a one lunger, so if you need to go, you might be in trouble. But it was clean and easily accessible.  They share a parking lot with a Wal-Mart so there is plenty of parking. And they also offer free Wi-Fi (in fact, I'm finishing posting this from Tony's Burgers).

Check out their website and give this place a try. I was very impressed. Not quite a food boner, but maybe in the future it could be one.

Burger:  B (Tri-Beef Blend, Hand Formed Patty)
Fries:  A (Twice Fried)
Beverage:  Coke Fountain
Ice:  Rabbit Poop Style
Bathroom:  B (One Lunger)
Toilet Paper: C+
Seating:  48 indoor, 20 outdoor
Dipping Sauces: B- (Fry Sauce, Fry Sauce w/ BBQ, Ketchup)
Overall Rating:  B

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