Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday Mix Tape -Girls that ROCK!

This week's Mix Tape is dedicated to the ladies sticking to the men, showing that women too can ROCK!

Paramore "Careful"  Album:  Brand New Eyes
Cassette Kids (Chimes Remix) "Spin" Album:  Noting On TV

Blonde Redhead "23" Album:  23
Lady Sovereign Feat. Missy Elliott "Love Me or Hate Me Remix" Album:  Public Warning
Tilly and the Wall "Rainbows in the Dark" Album:  Bottoms of Barrels 
Horrorpops "Thelma & Louise"  Album:  Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Ladytron "Ghosts"  Album: Velocifero
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Date With The Night"  Album:  Fever To Tell

Bodega Girls "Ain't That Cold" Album:  Download Only 

A special thanks to "Jake Da Snake" and "Jerrica" from Graywhale for having some fantastic female picks to help build this weeks playlist. Head to your nearest Graywhale and pick up these albums! You go girls!

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  1. um hells yes! Don't forget about metric, la roux, the sounds, shiny toy guns, astroid galaxy tour!! My alter ego is also a Kick A front woman!

  2. you are missing veda (aka vedera), another girl who really rocks. (listen to 'the falling kind').

  3. Nice Mixtape playlist. Any trick to embed-ing it in? I'm having trouble on my wordpress account!

  4. Wordpress is it's own monster, and that's why I stick to Blogger, because my code manipulation is so weak. I really like because it has the code already there just copy and paste, and it allows for multiple mix tapes (playlists) so they can remain embedded in separate posts unlike