Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mix Tape Thursday

  1. Soul Position "Hand-Me-Downs" Album: Things Go Better With RJ And Al
  2. Broken Bells "Vaporize" Album: Broken Bells
  3. RjD2 "1976" Album: Since We Last Spoke
  4. Cut Copy "Feel The Love" Album: In Ghost Colours
  5. Hieroglyphics "You Never Knew (Domino Remix)" Album: Over Time
  6. Chairlift "Bruises" Album: Does You Inspire You
  7. Maylene & The Sons of Disaster "Raised By The Tide" Album: II
  8. Tralala "All Fired Up" Album: Tralala
  9. Panthers "Goblin City" Album: The Trick
  10. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Beat The Devil's Tattoo"

As always, you can pick these up at a Graywhale near you!


  1. I love this layout. It makes everything easier to look at.

    Good job!

  2. Thanks Shelby! I do too! It's a lot cleaner. I really liked the old one, mostly because I wrote the html for the background w/ the scratch board art, but other than that it was hard to follow anything.

  3. you must know your music....broken bells and BRMC are two of my most favorite bands!!!