Friday, November 13, 2009

Cool Vs. Uncool

I understand that it’s cool to be uncool. That is the whole premise of Napoleon Dynamite. Popular cool/uncool genres are 80’s dress attire, vintage video games, and even mullets & mustaches. A friend sent me this link the other day and told me to check out the product reviews. For those of you who don’t have the time to jump the link, just know that the link is a bunch of customer reviews for one of those cool/uncool T-shirts that are found in most truck stops around the nation which feature some sort of nature scene printed on it (in this case, three wolves howling at the moon). The reviews were written by people who deem themselves as cool by making fun of the uncool people who wear these clothes thinking they are really cool (you still with me?).

I get the humor, but it’s been hashed so much this decade that I feel it has lost the miracle whip zing that it once carried. However, a trip to the Layton Hills Mall put things back into perspective as to why the cool people started imitating/mocking the uncool people in the begining.

This is an early 90’s Chrysler Mini Van that has been adorned with multiple wolves. A wolf figurine mounted on the hood, three wolves mounted to the dashboard, and every seat plastered with a wolf seat cover (even the back seats).

I just wanted to remind everyone why these people started being teased before it was cool to be uncool.

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